About Me

Through the deep healing and calming effects of my massage stlye and energy practice  I hope to assist and support each individual that I have the privilage to work with toward their greater health, vitality, peace and harmony in body, mind and spirit. 
I have been practicing massage and energy work professionally for 18 years and strive to bring an intuitive and compassionate nature to all of my sessions.
I was raised near the beach in California in the 60's & 70's when holistic studies, including transcending consiousness (meditation , breathwork & yoga), were being pioneered here in the west and were being practiced in my home growing up and around me and my family.  It was those very same health and healing modalities and practices which are now offered in popular centers like Chopra Institute, Kripalu, Esalen and Yoga Centers all over the world that helped to shape who I am as a person today. 

 I went on to spent 30 years honing qualities of  discipline, focus and body control through the art of classical ballet. During my 22 year career as a professional dancer I learned to work with the energy of the body while harnessing the power and practice of one pointed focus.  I continue this kind of practice even now and through my own meditation practice and continue to deepen my own energetic attunement to apply that in my work and in all aspects of my life.  

While I was living and working abroad for more than a decade, I was influenced globally by many different styles of body workers and healers who were leading professionals of that time.  In particular the healing modalities ofTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including acupuncture and Ji Gong.  

After retiring my point shoes, I received an Associate's Degree and a New York State License in Occupational Therapy from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences and so began my journey into conscious practice of intuitive and empathic healing, as well as structural.  I also hold certification in both Yoga asana practice with philosophy of patanjali's 8 fold path Raja (meditation)yoga of hatha (physical) yoga and a Pilates Mat instruction and have a personal practice (Sadhana) of Raja/Kriya, and Bhakti  Yoga.

When massage and energy are used as a tool for self-care and becomes a consistent part of our lifestyle, we begin to feel some of the positive and healthy holistic (mind,body,spirit) changes occurring in our lives.   With an easier body and less or even an absence of physical pain, we can then more easily stay clear, focused, productive and flexible in our everyday living.

In peace and gratitude,


By Appointment:  201-725-7827