Meridian Massage Rates

$107. per Session

April’s Signature Meridian Massage $107.     This massage session is therapeutic in nature combining a variety of massage techniques in with energy (light)work which positively affects the mind, body, emotional body (heart) & spirit.  This session works to clear and disperse lingering or stagnant (stuck) energy (vibrations of past stresses, negative thoughts, words, feelings) both physically and energetically. 70-75 min. Table time

Longer sessions $128.40.  90 min. Table time

Energy session $107.   Sometimes known as Reiki or Light healing, this session is both healing and rejuvenating in nature. Gentle placing of hands over clothing. No oils or creams are used . Uplifting and healing, this session clears the auric field of lingering quantum toxins (vibrations of past stresses, negative thoughts, words, feelings) and balances the chakra system.                

NJ tax is included in session exchanges.

Methods of payment accepted Paypal.me/sha111 , Cash, Personal check, Credit cards 

Gift Certificates available

 *24 hour cancellation policy. Please use consideration and notify me at least 24 hours in advance by phone or text if you need to cancel your appointment.  Thank you.

Call 201-725-7827